Wednesday September 14th and Thursday September 15th, 2016



Automobile and road technical college of Odessa National Polytechnic University

Assembly Hall, Tyraspolskaya street 6, Odessa 65000


Wednesday September 14th: Day 1

9.00 - 11.00

Welcome & Meeting Odessa National Polytechnic University

Rector, Prof. dr. Guennady Oborsky

Vice-Rector, Prof. dr. Viacheslav Shobik

Vice-Rector, Prof. dr. Dmytro Dmitrishin

Chief International Cooperation Department, Alexey Khumarov

Director Automobile and Road Technical College, Prof. Sergii Myronenko

and scientific staff of ONPU

12.00 - 12.10

Opening remarks

Ass. Prof. cand. technical sciences S. V. Myronenko (Director OARC ONPU)

12.10 - 13.30

Main challenges for urban logistics in European cities

prof. dr. Frank Witlox (UGent)

13.30 - 15.00

Sustainable and smart mobility approaches of urban traffic

prof. ir. Dirk Lauwers (UGent)

15.00 - 15.30

Q & A

15.30 - 16.30


Thursday September 15th: Day 2 (picture gallery)

9.00 - 11.30

Monitoring urban mobility: demonstration macro modelling for Odessa

prof. ir. Dirk Lauwers (UGent)

11.30 - 12.00

Coffee break

12.00 - 12.20

Conceptual plan for improving transport system of the city

G. V. Haskin, Director Scientific and Production Centre "Econominform"

12.20 -12.40

Development of transport infrastructure of Odessa

A. V. Ilko, Director Odessa City Council Department of Transport, Communication and Organization of Traffic 

12.40 - 13.00

Organization of passenger transport by today's road connections in the region

Hon. Transport Executive of Ukraine A. V. Vitkovsiy, Executive Director Odessa Transport Executives Association

13.00 - 13.20

Perspectives of the transport development of the Odessa region

Y. V. Kononenko, p.l. of Superior Odessa Oblast Administration Transport Department and Marine Complex 


13.20 - 13.40

Coffee break

13.40 - 14.00

Main modern transport flow simulation programmes, using OMNITRANS study

N. Y. Svatkovskaya, teacher OARC ONPU


14.00 - 14.30

Analysis of the traffic capacity of the road network of Odessa

S. V. Atmazhov and A. S. Venger, teachers OARC ONPU

14.30 - 14.50

Assesment of proposed measures to increase level of transport service of the Primorsky district population

Prof. cand. technical sciences associate T. V. Volobuyeva, teacher OARC ONPU

14.50 - 15.20


16.15 - 16.30


Flanders Addendum 

Friday September 16th

14.00 - 16.00

Conference room of Rector Prof. dr. Guennady Oborsky

Odessa National Polytechnic University

Shevchenko Avenue 1, Odessa 65000

"Learning from Clustering Flanders Winners,

cooperation with Flanders and the Chamber of Commerce BeNeLux - Ukraine (CCBU)"

- "Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship" ("VLAIO"): a government agency charged with implementing the economic, innovation and enterprise policy in Flanders. A renewed Cluster Policy: Cluster4Flanders. Four Flemish Spearhead Clusters with innovative companies & knowledge centres networks to be installed before the end of 2016: sustainable chemical industry, materials industry, foods industry and logistics in Flanders.

- "Flemish Young Enterprises" ("VLAJO"): a non-profit organisation and partner of VLAIO that offers from the kindergarten to the university practical education projects to stimulate entrepreneurship among children and young people and to develop their entrepreneurial skills. In a quality and interactive manner with an eye for fun. The CCBU establishes with VLAJO Junior Achievement Ukraine for MBA for Kids, for which business camps in Flanders are organised. 

- "Flemish Institute for Logistics" ("VIL"): a non-profit organisation that brings together in Flanders shippers and logistics service enterprises as well as knowledge centres, government bodies and companies out of the IT, engineering, interim, construction, real estate and fashion world with innovative logistics projects to raise their productivity. Pioneer of the Flemish Logistics Spearhead Cluster.

- "Flanders' Food": a strategy driven platform that adds value to a more competitive, innovative and sustainable agro food industry and strengthens the innovation focus by raising the scientific and technological knowledge in an integrated approach. Tasty, quality and sustainable food products for the next generations that go with a healthy lifestyle.  With the Federation of the Food Industry "FEVIA", the pioneer of the Flemish Foods Spearhead Cluster.

- "Flanders Innovation Hub for Sustainable Chemistry" ("FISCH"): a non-profit organisation that unites all the major sector players to work out innovative ideas, by searching alternatives for oil in the petrochemical industry and new processes to reduce CO2, and by developing innovative chemicals (self-cleaning paints, biodegradables, ...). With the federation of the chemical industry "essenscia", the pioneer of the Flemish Chemicals Spearhead Cluster.

- "SIM-Flanders" ("SIM"): a virtual research centre of the Flemish materials industry represented in Agoria and other enterprise associations and the Flemish universities to further strengthen the scientific materials base and to build technology platforms in relevant areas with sufficient critical mass. Pioneer of the Flemish Materials Spearhead Cluster.

-  "Flemish Aerospace Group" ("FLAG"): a non-profit organisation that clusters enterprises active in the aerospace market where it fosters the development of aviation and related technologies and improves the visibility of the Flemish aerospace globally. By organising attendance to major events, facilitating networking, political lobbying and aiming at an effective triple helix structure FLAG develops business opportunities.

-  "Flanders International Technical Agency" ("FITA"): a non-profit organisation that promotes sustainable tools out of Flanders to provide an acceptable degree of mobility and a liveable environment by making Flanders' achievements known in areas connected with infrastructure and equipment, mobility, logistics, environment, spatial planning, housing and renewable energy and by fostering the participation of Flanders businesses in foreign investment.

- "Flanders Fashion Institute": a platform to strengthen the fashion sector with more and mature companies with a local and international fame, by informing about Belgian fashion, advising fashion designers & labels on business topics, promoting them abroad and coaching a selection of young designers with high potential.

- "Liaison Agency Flanders-Europe" ("VLEVA"): a non-profit organisation that builds bridges between Europe and Flemish citizens, companies and organisations through monitoring (tailor made information), networking (within Flanders and with European partners and institutions), lobbying (only support lobbying government bodies and members: right information right timing right person) and free guiding (European initiatives, contacts, subsidies)

- "IMinds": Flanders' digital research centre and business incubator, established by the Flemish government and building on the strength of its more than 850 top researchers located at 5 Flemish universities, where it converts agile, open research minded and proven methodological digital knowhow into real-life products and services. Within its mission to create start-ups and spin-offs in the digital sector it has developed an incubation program (iStart).

- "Agoria": the Belgian technology association with more than 1,700 companies and over 275.000 workers in building & urban development, energy, financial services, food & beverage, healthcare, transport & mobility, machine construction & production systems, sports & entertainment, as well digital, manufacturing as materials industries, being the largest branch federation and having the largest "Smart Cities" coverage with over 80 enterprises active.

- "Anheuser-Busch InBev": largest brewery chain in the world. Top 5 consumer products company, with a workforce of over 155.000 in 25 countries and sales in over 100 countries. Number one in top beer markets such as US, Brazil, Belgium and Ukraine. Leverage industry-leading scale with a market share in Belgium  of over 56%, with 4 breweries, and in Ukraine of over 31%, with 3 breweries. Headquarter in Louvain. A Flanders Winner, since 1366.

- "Barry Callebaut": world's largest leading chocolate (-related products) manufacturer with a workforce of over 9.000 over 30 production sites in 20 countries (in Belgium world's largest chocolate factory); fully integrated from wholly own cocoa processing in Africa and South America for industrial and gourmet/craft customers, chocolate confectionery and retailer own-branded products for the consumer. A Flanders Winner, for more than 150 years.

- "Sioen Industries": a diversified stock quoted textile group with horizontal and vertical integrated production, as spinning, weaving and coating, manufacturing of garments, production of fine chemicals and processing of technical textiles, with a workforce of over 3.500 in 20 countries. Worldwide leader in truck tarpaulins production. Sioen products dominate where technical specifications are decisive. A Flanders Winner, and this for over 100 years

- "Barco": a global stock quoted technology company that designs and develops networked visualization products for the healthcare and other public and enterprises, and entertainment markets. Manufacturing, R&D, sales & marketing and customer support in more than 90 countries in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, with a workforce of over 3.300. A Flanders Winner, and this for over 82 years.

- "H. Essers": a logistics provider offering customized and integrated transportation and logistics across Europe, with 930.000 m2 of warehouse space, a fleet of 1.360 trucks and trailers and 4.630 employees across 41 offices in 12 countries in Western and Eastern Europe. One of the leading companies in Europe within sectors such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and high-quality products. A Flanders Winner, and this for over 88 years. 

- "Van Hool": a major bus manufacturer in Europe, offering a complete range of buses for public transport, manufacturing with a workforce of over 4.000 a 1.400 buses and coaches and a 4.000 commercial vehicles annually, to be exported worldwide. Van Hool products dominate with designing and building high quality, state-of-the-art, customized products. A Flanders Winner, and this for over 65 years.

- "Marsh Europe" Antwerp: part of Marsh & McLennan Companies, a worldwide leading insurance broker and risk advisor, with over 26.000 employees in more than 130 countries, specialised in defining, designing and supplying innovative industry specific solutions, creating and offering in Antwerp insurance innovative cargo shipping, ship building and multi modal transport solutions and effective risk management. A Flanders Winner.

- "Schréder": a quality and performing outdoor luminaires group that designs and develops for the sustainable well-being of urban or rural communities, with 48 companies worldwide and over 2,600 workers. Quality outdoor lighting innovations, incorporating the latest technological and aesthetic innovations. Comelec, being the export company, has pooled resources and skills of all local Schréder companies. A Flanders Winner.

- "Crossroad": a consultancy firm that designs and improves service from a digital and human perspective with over 50 workers. It tackles challenges that lie on a crossroads between service, people and technology, key to Smart Cities, based on system and solution integration, data integration and big data (data & process mining), in mobility & public transport, logistics and energy. From the inspirational example of a Eurocup Winner to a Flanders Winner.

- "Ecorem": a consultancy and engineering services export company offering innovative and sustainable solutions developed in Western Europe and modified according to the client’s needs, and further streamlined with local conditions and legislation, with a multilingual team of specialists experienced in various domains of environment, soil, waste and climate & energy. A Flanders Winner.

- "Prefamac":an expert in chocolate manufacturing equipment with an impressive export track record (up to 95% of overall output exported to 85 countries worldwide), offering an extensive range of industrial and artisan machinery for moulding, melting, tempering, enrobing, cooling, flaking, pumping, conveying, spinning, heating; constant R&D effort and innovative engineering for advanced equipment. A Flanders Winner, for 28 years.

Jan De Nul is a leading expert in dredging and marine construction activities, with the world’s most modern fleet and equipment, and more than 500 engineers, as well as in specialized services for the offshore industry of oil, gas and renewable energy. Core marine activities are enhanced by in-house civil and environmental capabilities offering a complete package solution. A leading expert in the business. A Flanders Winner in Odessa.

- "Puratos": last but not least, our sponsor, an international group with a complete assortment of innovative products and solutions for the bakery, confectionery and chocolate sector with professional clients in more than 100 countries, artisans, retailers, food service companies as well as industry. Often also processed by local branch, however not in Odessa. A Flanders Winner in Odessa.


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