Utrecht: At the SPS N-O Ukraine Day with Deputy Minister Natalia Boytsun, Luc Van den Brande, Bart van Winsen, Diamantbank Kyiv, NUSEP,  Ilona Kuts Kyiv , Oleksandr Pastukhov a.o.

Brussels: Networking/Seminar event at the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium with  Belgian Federal State Secretary of Mobility and Transport, IFB, Sioen Industries, Group H. Essers, Natalia Manoylenko Kyiv, Tom Murrath Kharkiv, Tebodin, Diamantbank Kyiv, a.o. 


Genk: Ukraine Day - Invest in Ukraine now: do not wait till the crisis is over / EURO 2012. Status with a new Pressident and a new Government in Ukraine / Freight costs between the Benelux and Ukraine substainably rebated / Synergies in the Benelux for Ukraine

Kyiv: Textile & Turf

Ghent: Flemish - Ukrainian Networking in Textiles and Clothing

Lier: EURO 2012 European Football Championship


Genk, Antwerp, Lier, Brussels & Ghent: Logistics Ukraine ports, roads, railways & logistics centres

Kyiv: Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine "Construction and retail as driving forces in Ukraine’s
supply chain management”

Antwerp: Ukraine Month:15th Anniversary Chamber of Commerce - Intercultural Seminar: More common than thought? / Developments and Future Ukraine - European Union / Trade Seminar: Was 15 years Flanders - Ukraine successful? 

Antwerp: Ukraine. A Great Forward - Intercultural Seminar: Perception of Cultural Differences and Communication between Flanders and Ukraine

Kherson: Flemish Week Trade Show

Kortrijk: Oekraïne als handelspartner