1. Citizens

The Chamber of Commerce provides and pays 2 interpreters in order citizens can have their say.

The “Mykolaiv development strategy 2016 – 2012” states that citizens should be involved as well.

2. City Council Infrastructure Projects, Mobility, Transport, Communication, Civil Protection and Security Departments, Agencies and Services of the City of Odessa (in Odessa), the City of Mykolaiv and the City of Kherson (in Mykolaiv)

The City Departments may have different names but all stake holding Departments, Agencies and Services are welcomed, not only the Heads of the Departments, Agencies and Services but also the main technicians.

3. Oblast Council Infrastructure Projects, Environment, Mobility, Transport, Communication, Civil Protection, Security, National Resources, Civil Construction & Housing, Spatial Planning & Architecture, Public Welfare Departments, Agencies and Services of the Oblast of Odessa (in Odessa), the Oblast of Mykolaiv and the Oblast of Kherson (in Mykolaiv)

The Oblast Departments may have different names but all stake holding Departments, Agencies and Services are welcomed, not only the Heads of the Departments, Agencies and Services but also the main technicians.

4. National Port Authorities of Ukraine, National Road, Rail and Waterway Departments of Ukraine and National Transport & Logistics Associations, major Investors, Exporters, Importers, Port Handlers, Ship’s Agents, Forwarders, Distributors and other members of the Odessa, Mykolaiv and Kherson Chambers of Commerce, the Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and The European Business Association Southern Ukrainian Office involved in logistics & mobility

1. Mr. Vasyl Kapatsina, the honorary president of the state-owned Mykolaiv Commercial Seaport and the head of the supervisory board of the Ukrainian Budivelnik company, will not come himself to the workshop/seminar in Mykolaiv but his people involved in the Silk Road over Ukraine are welcomed: intermodal transport will be a topic at the seminar (likewise the state-owned Odessa and Kherson Commercial Seaports). Meeting Mr. Kapatsina himself is an option.

2. Mr. Andriy Vadaturskyy, co-founder of  Nibulon Ltd. (in 1991) and currently Deputy General Director, will also not come himself to the workshop/seminar in Mykolaiv but his logistics people are welcomed: transhipment will be a topic at the seminar. Meeting Mr. Vadaturskyy himself is an option. 

3. Public Joint Stock Company Mykolaiv Shipyard Ocean (SMG, Smart Maritime Group) provides shipbuilding and repair services for customers in Ukraine, Germany, Norway, the United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands and Greece. The company designs and constructs oil ore carries, bulkers, scientific and research vessels, container and heavy cargo vessels, anchor handling tug supply vessels, chemical tankers, multipurpose geared dry cargo vessels, multipurpose fishing base trawlers, container carriers, and off-shore and ro-ro vessels, as well as semi submerged multipurpose pontoons for the transportation of heavy tonnage loads. They are not only major for Mykolaiv Port and City mobility but they can build solutions for water-bound transport to recycle waste (“urban mine”): they are welcomed at the workshop/seminar in Mykolaiv (likewise the people of the Public Joint Stock Company Kherson Shipyard, also belonging to SMG). Visiting the Mykolaiv Shipyard Ocean is an option.

4. Mr. Dmitry Mirny, General Director of the Nikolaev Alumina Refinery, that employs 1.500 people producing 1.6 million tonnes of alumina per year, and is currently carrying out a programme to boost the output of alumina and gallium. The facility is also designing a project to extend the life of the bauxite residue area. Other development plans include reconstruction of the gas scrubbers for lime-burning furnaces. His logistics people are welcomed. Meeting Mr. Mirny himself is an option.

5. Chumak Kherson, "From field to table", providing consumers ketchup, sauces, mayonnaise, tomato paste, juice, sunflower oil and canned vegetables, with export to Canada, Russia, USA, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Israel, Spain, the Baltics states. That is a lot of logistics and mobility. Chumak is welcomed as well at the workshop/seminar in Mykolaiv.

6. These are big ones but there are plenty of smaller ones, also interested and of interest to the delegation: it is not because they are not big that they should stay away from the seminar/workshop and the conference.

5. National Research Centres, Polytechnic and other universities

There are more than 50 universities and research centres for scientific development and development of new technologies in Odessa, Mykolaiv and Kherson, preparing highly qualified specialists.

Professors and students are welcomed..