FDI in Ukraine: Impact ENP



AB InBev

Our Hon. President, Baron Paul De Keersmaeker, Interbrew CEO at that time, took the decision to invest in Chernihiv.

We organised the first field trip of the Louvain investment researchers to the different places in Ukraine where the AB InBev breweries are now.

We organised different field trips ot the Louvain grains and hops purchasers to Ukraine.



Advisor to the Board of Directors of the Dutch S.H.V. and Makro Joep Paternostre used our services to explore the implementations of Makro (lateron Metro) supermarkets allover Ukraine.


Philips Lighting
Early 90's of the last century Massive (lateron Philips Lighting) was the first light fixtures brand being allover Ukraine, to be found in medium and even small sized outlets, after we had introduced it to Ukraine. Philips decied to establish it's own outlets in Ukraine after.

Farmak JSC / National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology

KyivPost August 19, 2016: Belgium bought a license to manufacture batumin.

Borshchahivskiy Chemical Pharmaceutical Plant CJC