The Board of Directors carries the full management and responsibility of the Chamber as determined by Belgian Law and the Byelaws.

The Board mandates

1. the President

2. the Secretary

3  the Managing Director

4. the Treasurer

Two thirds of the Board Members need to have the nationality of one of the EU member states.

The language of the board meetings is English, unless otherwise agreed at the beginning of the board meeting. The official invitations to, the legal notes and the reports of the boardmeetings are in Dutch (upon demand an English and/or French free translation can be made available).

The Board can take up, limited to a one third minority academics and/or representatives of and/or national, regional and local professional organisations, sectorial economic federations and/or Ukraine oriented organizations in the BeNeLux.

The Board consists mainly of businessleaders who are effectively experienced in production or technology investment and/or in production, marketing or distribution of products and/or services in Ukraine.

The Directors have to provide a certificate of good character and decency, and have to sign the internal rulings of Chamber containing an ethical code.

The Directors agree on a division of work.

The Board of Directors gather twice a year, at a place to be indicated. 

The Directors shall not be paid for their mandate.


1. The President


The President is the first to represent the Chamber when meeting government officials, high level delegations, presidents of other chambers of commerce and  professional delegations, etc.. 

This Director presides effectively the meetings of the Board of Directors and of the General Assembly.


2. The Secretary


The Secretary creates a favourable psychological climate that brings a large amount of goodwill with potential and  actual members and in the development of excellent business relations, locally in the country of location.

A permanent secretarial service is at the disposal of the members and thirds every working day from 9.00 till 12.30 and from 13.30 till 17.00 hrs.

The Secretary hears and assists the Members according to the agreed principles and deals with all information that concerns the Chamber. The Secretary collects and evaluates skilfully legislation, rulings, comments, offers and demands, … all information useful to render information and services and to organize networking.

The Secretay finalises all Chambers unique identifying characteristics events and releases and distributes regularly the news releases and updates websites. 


 3. The Managing Director


The Managing Director operates within the mandate received from the Board of Directors, and as determined by Belgian Law and the Byelaws.

This Director is of Belgian nationality and/or resident of Belgium, in view of the application of Belgian Law and usages.


4. The Treasurer

The Treasurer is of Belgian nationality and/or resident of Belgium, in view of the application of Belgian Law and usages.

The Treasurer makes the payments and keeps the accounts. 

This Director drafts the yearly statement of income and expenses.

Valid coordinated Statutes (in Dutch)

Free translation in English