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  Attendees Ukrainian Business Fora

  Program & Speakers Conference 


  • 08:30   Registration and coffee

  • 09:30   Session 1: Ukraine’s Role In Ensuring The Sustainability Of Food Security Of Europe And Beyond And The Opportunities For European Partners This Creates

    • An overview of the agri trade and investment dynamics between Ukraine and the EU / the Netherlands. Which are the growth areas?

    • Applying international expertise and technology to move Ukrainian exports of food products further up the value chain. moving from commodities to greater value-added, processed products

    • Implementing EU standards of food safety and quality

    • Identifying and growing new export markets and new export products

    • Opportunities for Ukrainian exporters of agri-food products to supply European retail chains

  • 11:00   Morning refreshments

  • 11:30   Session 2: Case Studies By Leading Agro-Industrial Groups Of Successful Investment Projects And Identifying Where Further Opportunities Lie

    • Where are the opportunities to invest in Ukraine: Seed production, organic and niche crop production, laboratories, infrastructure, food processing equipment, biofuels, irrigation systems, river logistics, agricultural equipment leasing

    • Where to invest in value-added production: Cereals and oilseeds processing, processed fruits and vegetables, meat production and processing, finished goods and food brands, poultry

    • Stimulating the further growth of AgTech in Ukraine through greater cooperation with major agri producers – case studies

    • Implementing best in class business processes and technologies to raise productivity, efficiency and yields

    • What will be the next wave of emerging technologies that are most applicable for Ukrainian agriculture?

    • Expanding the role of river transportation of agricultural commodities in Ukraine. Lessons from the Netherlands

  • 13:00   Lunch

  • 14:15   Session 3: The Availability Of Finance And Investment For The Ukrainian Agro-Industrial Sector And Where It Can Add The Greatest Value

    • Where is investment most needed in the value chain: spotlight on logistics and infrastructure

    • The availability of finance to support investment in the latest technologies and machinery. Which financing instruments are most popular at present?

    • What are the most attractive assets to invest in: port terminals, silos, elevators and storage facilities, processing and crushing plants, cold storage, rolling stock, irrigation, river transport

    • The growth of activity by both strategic investors and private equity houses in buying stakes in Ukrainian agricultural companies. What are the key fundamentals driving investor interest?

    • The impact of the nationwide crop receipts roll-out for farming communities

    • Can the collateralisation of leased land unlock and protect investment in agriculture?

  • 15:45   Afternoon refreshments

  • 16:15   Session 4: Themed Roundtable Discussion Groups

    Participants will have the opportunity to join the roundtable of their choice, focused on key agrifood segments and hosted by expert members of the speaker panel.

    Roundtable topics will include:

    • Grains, oils and oil seeds

    • Dairy and meat

    • Logistics, infrastructure & trading

    • Finance and investment

    • AgTech and innovation

    • Ukrainian export and European retail

    • A Flemish testimonial from Cherkassy: Granex potatoes storage in cold-formed steel building Frisomat Ukraine 

  • 17:30   Evening reception